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We offer professional, quality installation vital to your satisfaction with the job. But your satisfaction with the process starts with your consultation with Chuck Mazon at your free in home estimate, as well as a visit to our showroom. During these consultations we listen to your ultimate vision of your home and then help you to select the proper material for performance and style. The following categories are types of flooring that we will consider:


Shaw Carress Softness and Color inspired by nature

There are many fibers available to you ranging from nylon and polyesters. Nylons typically provide more durability in high traffic areas. It is a highly durable product in high traffic areas. While polyesters tend to provide a better stain resistance quality. Some newer fibers on the market are Triexta and Pashima. Triexta has been described as a polyester that performs like a nylon. It is naturally stain resistant that resists fading and is considerably softer than most nylons. Pashima is a polyester fiber that is stain proof, very soft and best used in low to medium traffic areas.


This is a highly versatile, durable, less expensive option to hardwood. Most laminates are stain proof, fade and moisture resistant.


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Both are made from 100% real wood and are designed for beauty and durability. Solid wood is made from one plank of wood usually 3/4" thick. Its thickness allows the floor to be sanded down and refinished for the life of the floor. Engineered floors tend to be less expensive than solid and more resistant to heat and moisture.


LVT's biggest difference when compared to sheet vinyl is the ability to closely mimic natural materials wood or stone. LVT has a thicker wear layer, thicker dimensions and more realistic deeper embossing. Composed of 100% vinyl or a vinyl/limestone combination. Most appealing to customers is its ease in cleaning, water resistance and pet friendly.


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Ceramic is more porous than porcelain and depending on the quality, may not be as durable as porcelain. Porcelain is a type of dense durable ceramic. It is made from a more refined ceramic that is less absorbent to moisture and more stain resistant. Ceramic is typically made from a white or red clay and the color is baked on the top of the tile only. Porcelain is a refined white clay the color runs through the whole tile. This is called full body or through body color.